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The All For Nuts Monthly Team was started by a father and son who simply LOVE dried fruit and nuts. We consumed them daily and figured that everyone else is surely All For Nuts too.


That CRACK of the flawlessly roasted Almond, with juuust the right amount of salt. The indefensible CRUNCH of the simple Cashew. The CHEW of the perfectly ripe Mango. The SURPRISE of the well thought out ratio of a Mixed Bag of fruit or nuts. This is what we LIVE for. This is WHO we are.


The All For Nuts Team has scoured the earth for supply of the best dried fruit and nuts available. We only use Grade A and top quality produce, ensuring each nut and piece of fruit you eat, you love and enjoy.


All products are packed in a PPECB Compliant and FSSC 22000 Accredited Facility. All products are both Halaal and Kosher.


cracked almonds


cashews crunched


chewed mangos


Our products can be used in a variety of exciting and interesting ways. We have put together a list of our favourite recipes to help you get the most out of our fantastic products.

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